Where to feel like a child again – my Beyond Beauty column for Glamour Brazil, September issue

The theme for my September column for Glamour Brazil was actually a question I got from my editor: which are the places you visited that made you feel like a child again?

After some thinking I came up with the list below – it was quite a fun exercise!

. New York during Halloween – I mean, biggest costume party ever

. The Winter Wonderland in London – an adult version of a fun fair / theme park assembled (impressively) in the middle of Hyde Park during November and December. One of my favourite things of the year!

. Harrods, in London – I’m pretty sure the department store of my dreams growing up looked pretty much like Harrods, specially the Food Hall, the beauty floor and of course the Shoe Heaven

. Jules Verne restaurant in Paris – one of Alain Ducasse’s gems, on top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, a magical experience

. St Moritz – the train ride from Zurich to St Moritz is breathtaking and staying at the Kempinski hotel makes you feel like a character from the Grand Hotel Budapest movie

. Las Vegas – no need to say much, the real Disneyland for adults!

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}

. . .