My book tour outfits I would like to wear forever

One of the many great things about writing a book is going on a tour to promote it, getting to know readers all over and basically experiencing so much love and kindness coming from everyone. And, of course, with this comes the special book tour wardrobe, another pretty fun part of the whole thing!

I had so many incredible outfits so far – it’s been 17 cities so far around Brazil, plus Lisbon in Portugal, so wanted to share my favourites with you, those that I would love to have forever to wear over and over again!

Gig Couture dress with cape in Belo Horizonte
Fendi jumpsuit in Brasília
Patricia Viera dress and Victoria Sayeg jewellery in São Luís
Miu Miu shirt in Florianópolis
Dior dress and Studio Cocoon jewellery in Rio
Miu Miu dress and shoes on the first night in São Paulo
Dior dress and Epiphanie jewellery for the second time in Rio
Gucci skirt and jacket for the second time in São Paulo

{The Dia de Beauté book is currently available in Brazil and Portugal. Click here to know more about it}

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}