Favourite vintage shops around the world – my Beyond Beauty column for Glamour Brazil, december issue

I’m a total fan of vintage clothes and find great joy in hunting for those ultra special vintage finds, specially when travelling. For my December column on Glamour Brazil, I’ve listed some of my favourite vintage stores around the world.

If you have any recommendations, I’d love to hear about it!

What Goes Around Comes Around – New York (here)
A “good for everything” vintage shop, practically a NYC institution

Le Grand Strip – New York (featured in #camievictakeNY!) (here)
It’s like raiding a very chic french grandma’s closet. The dream! Found a cream pleated skirt there that is one of my most treasured items, I wear it so much

Madame Pauline – Milan (here)
Not too big, not too crowded, full of great gems. I got a polka dot silk shirt there with the best shape and buttons, those things that are hard to go by nowadays

Kiliwatch – Paris (here)
Huge and busy, it’s what I call “hardcore vintage shop”, for the experienced shopper who knows how to navigate and make great finds. Love it!

Deborah Woolf – London (here)
I’m a big fan of this place – Deborah stays there and is so knowledgeable, her vintage collection is incredible and she always does edits to go with current trends or season. Impossible not to find something, one of my favourite summer dresses is from there.

Rokit – London (here)
Another institution, this time in London. Go with time to spare!

Static Vintage – San Francisco (here)
I felt in love with the San Francisco vintage shops when visited 5 years ago, and bought so many incredible cocktail and party dresses from the 60’s, 50’s and even 40’s – they’re some of the most special pieces I own

Farfetch – online (here)
It was a pleasant surprise discovering the vintage section at Farfetch – I strongly recommend it! Bought a Chanel top and earrings that I absolutely love

In Brazil:
À La Garçonne – São Paulo (here)
Great selection of fashion and furniture, also re-worked clothes done by Alexandre Herchcovitch, one of Brazil’s most celebrate fashion designers

Trash Chic – São Paulo (here)
It’s one of the best and yet most approachable high fashion vintage store I’ve ever came across. My most prized vintage item, a tortoiseshell chain Chanel bag bought 12 years ago, was found there (before the big comeback of Chanel bags, you wouldn’t believe the steal it was comparing to what you find now!)

Etiqueta Única – São Paulo (here)
Online only, but great selection of designer bags and other accessories. Also a lot of pre-owned, not as old, special items

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}

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