Hosting friends at home – Spotify playlist

My family is pretty good with entertaining at home – and while my mother Suzana and my sister Luiza run the coolest flower and party decoration company in the country (I’m not that biased, trust me), so obviously know all about how to transform your living room in a party room, how to assemble the food and drinks table and so on, my dad is a great non professional DJ. He loves playing music as a hobby, has all the equipment and is always “hired” whenever there’s a party at home. DJ Lito Ceridono is a hit!

So following this post where my mom and Luiza shared their tips for entertaining at home, I asked my dad to make a “Hosting friends” playlist to go with it. It’s the perfect soundtrack to set the mood without being overwhelming, and I’ve been listening to it non stop (even when home just with my husband!).

Just click below to listen and follow Dia de Beauté on Spotify for the next special playlists, here.

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