Holidays in Fernando de Noronha – my summer outfits

For the second year in a row, I went to Fernando de Noronha, an island in Brazil, to spend the New Years holidays (some people don’t realise, but it’s actually summer there, so Christmas / New Years is our long and happy summer holiday season!). Noronha is by far one of the most magical places I’ve ever been to and one that I strongly recommend visiting. It’s true that Brazil has so many incredible and beautiful places, but this one is exceptional….

So, packing for paradise – the vibe there is very chilled so I went for casual and simple outfits with some “exciting” accessories and cool pieces in the mix. I was in a relaxed vibe, but didn’t want to look boring! Normally when packing I do a mental moodboard to visualise the feel, the outfits, the colour palette, which this time was around blues and a bit of orange. I know it sounds a bit crazy, but for me it’s practical, makes the planning easier and I find it quite fun. Anyway, here are some of my “summer in Noronha” outfits – expect loads of Brazilian beachwear and resort brands, I mean, we’re just really good at this!

. This biquini if from OH K!, Brazilian brand led by multitalented graphic designer and illustrator Karen Hofstetter, who’s actually Brazilian but lives in Berlin (she’s also responsible for Dia de Beauté’s design). I love the shape of the top, and find it comforting that my chest is protected, specially on the first days under the sun. The shirt is from Artsy Brasil and sunglasses from my friend’s Helena Bordon namesake line.

. Vanda Jacintho is another super talented friend, local style icon and fashion designer – for her namesake brand she creates the coolest accessories as well as beautiful panneaux, like the one I’m wearing. This giant silk scarf can be tied and worn in so many different ways, hence the cute booklets that come with it to give some ideas. I followed one of them to make this beach dress and literally impressed all of my friends. The hat is from local shop O Pico.

. Twinning in caftans with my bff Camila Coutinho – I bought mine in Marrakech back in September, when I went with Clinique (and vlogged everything here!). This is actually one of my favourite kind of beach or après-beach atire and I have many others from another trip to Marrakech as well.

. Cute stripped dress from Brazilian brand Maria Filó, that I wore with espadrilles to attend a Feijoada (Brazil’s most traditional dish) lunch party.

. There were many parties at night, and I wore this outfit for one of them – denim shorts + loose silk blouse from Cris Barros, one of my favourite Brazilian brands, and a super cool Cine 732 necklace.

. Cherry biquini from Jo de Mer, another favourite local brand – amazing beachwear! and Illesteva sunglasses. I don’t use a lot of accessories to the beach, but this shell necklace from Marina Vicintin and the neon bracelets I got in Ibiza are exceptions.

. And finally, my New Years Eve outfit, a beautiful and flowy white dress from Lilly Sarti (you guessed it, Brazilian brand!). Now, I wasn’t very focused this day and forgot to take a full body picture, so hoping to wear the dress again during (European) summer holidays and get a proper shot! But, just so you learn an interesting fact about Brazilian culture, on the night of December 31st, to celebrate the arrival of the new year, the tradition is to wear white, honouring Yemanja, the sea goddess according to Candomblé religion – being a multicultural and mixed country, we do incorporate many different customs, one of the many things that makes Brazil so special. Many people spent this date at the beach, but even if we don’t, we still mainly wear white and, after the midnight fireworks, there’s always an amazing party until the sun comes out… That’s a great way to start the new year, with renewed energy and the feeling of a fresh path ahead!

{Photos from Instagram @vicceridono}

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}

. . .